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CBSE Class 12th Maths Answer Key Review 20-03-2017 Analysis

CBSE class 12 Maths (041) Answer Key/paper Solutions  20th March 2017 | Mathematics Exam Paper Review & Analysis: As we all know that today CBSE as organised class 12th Mathematics examination as well as Other Subjects are Know First AID Emergency medical care,Clinical Bio-chemistry, Microbiology-II, MLT, Health Centre Management, Opthalmic Techniques-II, Radiography-ii. many students had given class 12th examination today and all of them are searching for CBSE class 12th Maths (041) Answer Sheet for 20th March 2017.  so for every student we are here to provide class 12th Paper Solutions Analysis & Review of Students. below we are providing Microbiology (MLT) Question Paper with Answers. Section-1 & Section-II Maths Question Paper with Answer Sheet PDF

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CBSE Class 12th Maths Answer Key paper Solutions 2017 | Review of Students – cbse.nic.in

Name of Exam Body: Central Board of Secondary Examination

Exam Name : CBSE Board Class 12 Intermediate

Exam paper Name : 

  • Mathematics i.e Maths
  • First AID Emergency medical care,
  • Clinical Bio-chemistry,
  • Microbiology-II,
  • Microbiology-MLT,
  • Health Centre Management,
  • Opthalmic Techniques-II,
  • Radiography-ii

Exam Date : 20th March 2017 (20-03-2017)

Answer Key Released Date : Updated Soon

Official Website : www.cbse.nic.in

CBSE class 12th Mathematics Paper Solutions 20-03-2017 pdf download

CBSE class XII  Maths (041) Answer Key 2017 pdf

CBSE class 12th MICROBIOLOGY (MLT) Answer Sheet in PDF

CBSE Class 12 Maths Question paper Answer Book 2017

for downloading that CBSE class 12th Maths Official Answer Key paper or Paper Solutions 2017 you need to follow the below steps

  1. first of all visit the website http://www.cbse.nic.in/welcome.htm
  2. then on the top navigation on the main navigation you can find the button for question paper download.
  3. click on that button.
  4. then you can find the link for CBSE class 12th Maths question paper 2017
  5. click on that link and then the download will start automatically.
  6. after downloading the Answer Key Visit and calculate your Marks

CBSE Class 12 Maths Question Paper Review 2016

Maths Question Paper was Little hard as compared to Previous Year Papers of CBSE. Students can not Score in this Subject This Time

  • Tricky Questions
  • Time Consuming Questions
  • Overall Lengthy Paper of Maths

UPDATE: We are urging Students as well as Parents to keep their Nerves Calm as much as possible. its just a paper not a life threatening diseases.. Every Problem have a Solution. SO HOLD ON AND TAKE A DEEP BREATH GUYS 🙂 IF YOU ARE READING THIS THEN YOU’RE LIVING LEGEND! DON’T LOSE HOPE ITS THE MORAL OF THE STORY

CBSE Class 12 Mathematics Exam Review & Question paper Analysis

For more details information about upcoming examinations of CBSE board 2017 just be in touch with our website.  in case of any queries and difficulties you can contact us our support team at any time. they are always willing to help you.  we have a special dedicated team which can help you in any subject at any time.


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  1. What is this…..such kind of paper makes the student in pressure. …fully lenghty question…….3 hrs were nt enough. ….till now it was the worst paper I hve given…..I just want to quit my life…

    1. hey ashu u shouldnt think of such things.. een if the paper dint go well…its nothing in comparison to your life.

      1. U cant blame him for thinking that way ….especially if he is a bright student planning on something great for the future and now it seems to be a dream that cannot be fullfilled because of this exam…..i feel its equivalent to ur life and future being ruined……im too one of them and feeling completely destroyed by the exam i just gave …i expected a lot…..

        1. me in d same condition..all hopes shattered…

        2. It was very difficult
          Students can’t score good marks
          It will bring the percentage down

          1. This year I was thinking to score good marks , but it’s ridiculous. ?.I can’t believe that maths will make my percentage less this year,,…shit ,,, I am much upset ……that how cbse can do this
            So lengthy and hard …..questions. …..

        3. You are right. I had done physics and chemistry papers very well and expecting 95ish in each… but maths i done even expect 70 marks-.. it will ruin my percentage and also my future. Jee Mains counts our percentage and with each percent drop, rank goes down by tens of thousands. And with tis maths paper, i doubt i will get admission in any college, for sure my life is ruined….

          1. The only thing that could take away my 100 could be bad handwriting.The paper wasnt that tough anyways

          2. Listen guys … Maths paper was only difficult for you… It was difficult for the whole country.. Only children with silver minds can b d top scorers and they are very less.. Hardly… 100 friends… But dat doesn’t make difference. D paper if easy then easy for ol n if hard than hard fr ol . So pls wait.

        4. That’s true… I expected that I could do the exams well coz i prepared well… But I didn’t knew tat dis exam would turn our like this… 3 hrs is too short exam time for questions like these… Hope some miracle happens… 🙁

          1. my carrier will destroyed for sure because my maths paper ruined my all dreams that i thought.

        5. I too agree with u guys . Quiting is a balance to our lives. This paper has already made one child commit a suicide. What else is left . These criminals will ruin us further so it’s bttr to take off ourselves……. I too am gonna quit…..

      2. Hey,ria I Like wat u sad ,Mee2 Was feeling a great disappointment like ashu but knw ur word make a great change in my thinking Thanku a lot frnd

      3. one answer sheet can not decided your future ,do not take tension of it

    2. seriously!! the worst paper ever 🙁

      1. The maths paper was what I call,an absolutely misjudged and inappropriately set question paper.
        The paper was not one that could be completed in three hours
        All questions had sufficient and more standard
        the cool off time proved to be a heating up time.The immense stress students like me were subject to,caused us to mess up questions we knew.
        I was on my toes ,it was almost like there were pins on the bench. the magnitude of stress was due to the lengthy and tricky questions that appeared.
        WE ALL HOPE(AND DEMAND) THAT A LIBERAL CORRECTION IS FOLLOWED BY THE BOARD.I write this comment for promotion of the same.

        1. CBSE thinks that if u have opted for maths in 11th n 12th,it means you are planning to built in that subject,day by day the capability is incresing and u have to cope up.simly by begging for grace marks wouldnt gonna help u ppl.#CBSE expects u to have this standard.if u are so thoughtfull about ur admissions in iits,then i dont think this is a excuse to tell,bcuz IIT sets a another level…

    3. Dear Ashu,

    4. completely agree dude…!


    6. I don’t think so that u should quit your life for such heartless people who don’t have any kind of emotions while setting the paper.
      Even my dreams of scoring a 100 in maths have been shattered.
      Even if somebody knew the whole paper well in advance then also he couldn’t be able to complete it in 3 hours.

    7. Just one question who set this question paper have u able to answer and complete this maths paper in 3hrs.!!!

    8. Just one question who set this question paper have u able to answer and complete this maths paper in 3hrs.!!!

    9. same feeling ..all the best for ur nxt exam


    11. i dont think.. u must become dat pessimistic.. i do have dis strong bilief dat surely favourable steps wou b taken by cbse… might be retest would b conducted or linient checking… well watever!!! bt v need 2 b redy 4 everything my dear….. hoping 4 d bst…

    12. plz make the evaluation process liberal ……..other wise i will plzzzzz

  2. the paper was so lengthy and tough. couldnt complete questions within 3 hours. it was the worst maths xam i have ever written in my life

  3. maths was hope for many students as they think that this year the paper will be easy.. but cbse continues to do attack on students… expecting just pass marks…

  4. +12 maths paper was so lengthy, within 3 hours couldnt complete……. my daughter also complaint that she cann’t complete it……left of 15 marks

  5. worst paper so far….

  6. worst and lengthy paper ever… i think it was tougher than last year

    1. yaa it was tougher than last year paper ……..i was expecting a lot from maths paper but it was the worst maths paper…………..

  7. paper was very tough and i think cbse will give grace marks so that i can score well it affeects life of students


    2. Hat saale nikhil u everytime say dis and get above 90. Dont try to act fake. U r gonna top dis time all over india

  8. What are you people expecting from us.???
    After last year’s paper mistake..
    You still continue the same mistake…
    Such a lengthy paper..

    1. yaa…actually it was expected this time dat d paper won’t be that tough…bt..hilarious it was….

      1. Y hilarious for you….????

  9. Questions were highly twisted. Was never a 3 hour paper. The number of bio-math guys are sure to fall next year.

    1. Commerce to yr…..

  10. Why the CBSC board always playing with the life of students. Now it is time to stop this trend. Don’t give much pressure to students please.

    1. exactly ss u right… i dont know what they try to test… whether exam or life????

  11. what kind of a paper is this!! Does cbse want to kill the students…..half of the people in my center were crying! The paper was lengthy and tough….half of the questions u cant even reach an answer! it was one of the worst papers i have ever written in my entire life!! very disappointed!! 🙁

  12. the paper was so difficult and also lenthy just wait and watch more then 55% of student will fail in this paper the board should do something

  13. what cbse every………………………………………………………………………….every………………………………..every time……………………………………………………….touch paper i think in future no one will cbse school

  14. 2years of hard work gone waste with maths paper why cbse is playing with student life ?what are they trying to prove?why cant they be straight and gentle when they test students?

  15. When the Exam is not suppose to be from NCERT than why NCERT book is being taught to students in school. My daughter done three books but had a very bad day today during exams…..but still I motivate her to do and give best in her next exams…..DAMN CBSE

    1. same was the case with me me…i did so much of prctse and completed ncert 2 times and rs too.. but this paper was damn tough..

    2. EXACTLY…… WE HAVE TOTALLLY STICKED TO NCERT pattern and the paper seems no where to be compared to this text book….then what for NCERT is,….???? plz ans.. …,. can u here me CBSE..

      1. was the paper meant to make students feel hopeless? if yes then mission accomplished.

    3. If they give us NCERT book to study, then we expect questions within that… Its our life… Those who put questions can think of putting any questions according to their wish, but they should think tat its gonna affect each and every student… Its not their life, its ours… So they should consider the fact that the exam is for 3 hrs and all students are not having the same IQ level as they think…

  16. horrible experience!

  17. after seeing this kind of maths paper i think that the board wants to kill actually not kil, murder todays young generation students

  18. This was the worst paper so far and damn lengthy…..Grace marks needed at any cost ?

  19. worst paper there should be grace marking for this paper as it was 10 time worst than last year paper(2015)…

    1. Worst papr ever ! I did ncert n rs book more then 3 times bt still out with nothing ! This is simply demotivating!

    2. … Reallyy it was.. Grace marks needed at any cost … One question for cbse.. Y r u playing wd studnts future??????????????? Dammn cbse


  21. it was very lengthy….I don’t know what CBSE wanna judge in us by such papers…all the questions were very time consuming and tricky….I don’t think that paper was easy…

  22. The toughest paper ever i have seen..Questions were different from the ones we were used to. Iam really scared about my Maths marks.Hope CBSE makes correction lineant.

  23. The set-1 mathematics paper is too lengthy to complete the same within 3 hour and tougher as compared to that of the previous years. In this view, it is suggested to be lenient while checking the answer copies.

    1. seriously set 1 was damn tough……

      1. It was indeed tough… 🙁

  24. What was todays Maths exam…OMG.. such a lengthy question..
    Here in kerala marks from 12 are taken in entrance exams..
    State board students will score mor ranks than Cbse in entranc exam.
    Stop playing with Students future CBSE..

    1. Exactly!
      we are the most affected ones.Our future is in your hands CBSE, for god sake sake pls help us! if this trend continues, iam pretty sure that no one will be there to write ur exam!!

  25. Dear Friends,
    Do not worry, if it is tough and lenthy means it will be for all. So look forward and do better in next exam.

    Father of a student.

  26. Today’s Maths paper was very tough and lengthy. Type of Most of the questions were new to me. It is tougher than previous years.

  27. Very tough paper even last year’s paper was good. Please evaluate leniently.

    1. cbse people!! please note that the exams are not the place to show ur talents of knowing!!!!! what type of questions are these??


  29. CBSE Maths 2016 paper was very tough and few are completely twisted and few are not able complete the answer. Why this kind of paper should be given to the student and they have compete with State board student for NIT AND IIT seats. This is completely unjustified

  30. On comparing with this Exam, Last Year’s Exam was very Easy…. If CBSE have to change Syllabus then it must be notified at least 1 month prior… This Exam was that difficult but it was really lengthy, tricky and completely Unbalanced. It feels as if CBSE if trying to play some kind of joke… It was so Disappointing and this year Average score will go down…

  31. cbse messed up with our marks ……..maths was supposed to be easy and jee mains is on 3 april ….why the hell did we get those hard level questions in this paper?

  32. paper was very lengthy

  33. CBSE exceeds it’s limits by this grounbreaking question. Seriously what the heck will happen if you put easy questions.Don’t you want students to score good results and have a better life.This paper was so bad and discouraging that I dont think I can do my next two papers bio and HPER with that confidence and high spirits.

  34. what is going on.. i m not a student but i had just passed from a school and saw many students are crying just bcoz of maths paper.
    it really bad.

  35. Really if no question is gonna come from NCERT why the hell are you teaching it in schools?

  36. Its injustice done by CBSE to create pressure on students. While making the paper examiner thought of himself because he knows the answers so he can solve the paper within 2.30 Hrs but there is already pressure on students of board exams that examiner never thought about this…. Its totally injustice..

  37. really very difficult paper…. CBSE must think about the future of the students, as even Commerce Students are giving maths exam as their Optional Subject.. how would they be able to attempt such a difficult and lengthy paper…

    1. Easy paper

  38. People said, last year paper was very hard, but i think it was lengthy bhut not hard….. But 2016 paper (maths) is very hard, i’ll say!!!
    We all are expecting good marks in maths upto yesterday but today CBSE just nailed it!!! -_-
    Expecting easy marking -_-
    (Dehradun Region)

  39. What is the use of making a joke out of an assessment for which students have worked for an entire year
    Let all those who are accountable for such a fiasco give an explanation.

  40. Maths paper was out of reach for a average student not hoping Good Marks…:(

  41. 2015 paper was easier than this.

    1. you are right….my score in 2015 is above 90’s but my mark today’s is a nightmare….now i have only one hope i will just pass the exam. i wishto fail so that i can write the compartment and improve this mark.. 🙁



    1. you said it

    2. Same happened with my child also studied day and night and result such a drastic question paper was set .even my child is thinking to quit maths which was his favourite subjects. this maths paper has ruined his chance for scoring among tops. Still I request to all the students not to loose hopes. life gives you thousands of opportunities.

      Father of a child appeared for maths paper today

      1. thank you so much manish sir for this comment 🙂 we really appreciate it

  43. The paper was so lengthy and most of the questions were tricky
    I couldn’t even cmplete the paper

  44. cbse should check the papers leniently because then i will fail in exam..

  45. I thought maths would lift my percentage but it will now make my result more worse

  46. Toughest paper..yes it was tougher than last year’s maths exam!
    expecting grace marks cbse..please?

  47. 2016 maths paper was very tough then the previous year…students r not able to complete the paper…


    the question paper was too tough and the questions were very twisted and tricky ………………..cbse must think about our future also ……the question was pretty tough from last year question also

  49. Most of problems where out of syllabus, even 1 mark questions were of high standard. Some integration questions was from previous year questions conducted by different boards. This years paper was so tough that even maths teachers couldn’t solve it. The probability question asked this year was least important HOTS question. (6mark) . I think average students must have felt like harakiri . This years paper must be corrected liberally or else no it would be catastrophic . 60% questions were not form NCERT . I have done all questions from NCERT Band 8yrs previous year but found it difficult . Last years paper was of 1/50 th difficulty and even some found it difficult.


    1. if this is the case (means if paper is mostly made from outside of NCERT syllabus/books) no need to published a standard NCERT books to make children dependable on its as well as such practise’s are only the way of wastage of money. The reviews of several students indicates that this time CBSE is completely fail to satisfy his own students by forming such unexpected maths question paper and may definitely be needs re-examination or liberal marking according to other high scoring subject.

  50. i want a retest…..the exam should be conducted again…..4 marks q are 6 mark q asked previous years…..this paper cannot be completed by 3 hrs…..and that too by toppers who score 100 in all model and mock tests in school and tution centres. 🙁 😛


  52. I want to die please ??????? very depressed ??????

    1. Hey Bro! First of all Take a Deep Breath Okay? it is just an theoretical Examination.. it has nothing to do with anyone’s life.. take any 100 billionaire from this earth and see 70% of them never passed from their school or complete their graduation..

      i know everyone wants to score maximum cause their own life goals or parents desired dreams but this is life.. when life gives you lemon, make lemonade then 🙂

      1. So you mean that lemonade is the key to our success. Then why din’t you say us that before.


        1. Iam totally depressed after giving my maths board exam shame on cbse they are playing with the lifes of students I have seen many people crying including me many were saying they will commit suicide please give grace marks please no one should commit suicide

    2. Saurav don’t get depressed.. there are more solutions in your life.. don’t get dis-hearted.

      1. what if our % depend on it? what if the clgs we want need % more than 90+

  53. cbse just nailed today ………….by setting such a hard maths question paper which was out of reach of the students …………it was lengthy ,question were tricky.

  54. total nonsense paper!!!!!!what stuff is our ncert books having!please revise them and be a little merciful to students!pathetic paper

  55. worst paper ever…..cbse should give grace marks!!! toughest as well as lengthy paper. 2015 cbse paper was more easier then this one .

  56. What the CBSE want to prove such kind of papers set. the all students hard work last two years for this. these students are not researchers cbse know that, how they can set this kind of paper.

  57. actually i was able to solve all qns except one 4 mark.
    completed paper in 2.30 hrs.
    paper was tough but solving all papers of 2015 helped as 4 qns were very similar.

    1. Aditya may be you are too intelligent or you are just bluffing. The paper was really tough and lengthy too.

  58. They should close the CBSE from this year!☻. Why they are issuing the NCRT books and asking these type of questions? State board students are scoring 100% marks and CBSE students are targeted always. This is injustice, intolerance, inhuman. What they expect from the students? Why they are playing with the life of students? Think about the students who spend the whole year and got screwed up by this type of question paper. It is totally unacceptable. They should revoke this exam and conduct re-exam.

    1. G.Swaminathan, Saudi Arabia

      Dear Venkatesan

      I fully agree 100% let them revoke the exam, pupil are prepared day and night sacrifice their time for exam.

      CBSE Board should consider and I should recommend that Board should conduct re exam

      1. Dear Swaminathan,

        Many thanks for your comments.


    2. Yes sir, you are right.Injustice , inhuman,intolerance. Irresponsibility from the part of CBSE….. Are you trying to play with the life of children? It should be reported among the society.

    3. Yea i agree… they sholud conduct a re-exam, considering all the complaints…

  59. very lengthy paper.cbse should not play with the career of students.

  60. very tough paper .old iit qns have been asked in integration.cbse proves that the standard of maths has increased.
    hope that correction is lenient

  61. What the hell type of questions is this….have we done anything wrong to this CBSE syllabus?
    How are they able to put such tuff questions….
    They donot want to know anything about the student’s future life getting affected by poor marks…
    Pls we beg you…..pls dont put such type of questions ever since…
    And we expect more grace marks and there should be leniency in checking…

    1. My daughter was complaint that very worst this exam please examinar should keep it in mind while doing valuation


      AG Swami
      Saudi Arabia

  62. I commpletely agree to all the comments made regarding the paper.
    It was nowhere near “easy”.
    Even last year’s paper, which created such a hassle, was easier compared to today’s paper.
    Average students are going to suffer this time a lot.

  63. plzzzz award marks even if tried questions as it will decide our future it was one of the worst paper ever attended

  64. paper was very lenthy and tough…
    marks should be given like last year for attempting questions..

  65. sunil krishna kutty

    my daughter is a cbse student from kerala .todays maths paper was so difficult .she is so worried and tensed asin kerala 50%mark of pcm will be considered for enginnering admission.so this is abig loss for her.plz dont play with future of the children………………….

  66. worst paper eva!!!!!cbse ruins students carrer…we need re exam or make sure tat every one will pass

    1. Yes sandhya every one should pass they should give grace marks

  67. The only definition that I can give to today’s Maths exam: egregious and formidable paper that is definitely not anticipated from CBSE board.” It was prepare for the worse and get to gear up for the worst “.

  68. what is this…..a question paper??……or a joke with the feelings of the 12th class students?????????

  69. tried this paper at home and did it. CBSE should have given more time or a much easier paper.

  70. I wouldn’t say my paper was worst but 3hours is not enough to complete this type of paper . It was too lengthy and 4 marks questions were very twisted :/
    I don’t understand what’s the use of studying ncert books now.

  71. students who study in state board are the lucky people since they are atleast not wasting their time in cbse .after studying if board sets a paper for which the students cant write even the passing marks then no one can hope anything in cbse.it feels like to suicite today .we did not even expect this kind of paper in our dream.each student of our class cried during that three life deciding hours.even the topper is expecting around 40 . the oters are sure that they will fail.so cbse people please its a matter of our future.dont play with it.try to oranise re-exam or atleast make everyone till 50 no matter what they have written because hardly 2 questions were such that anyone can answer oterwise everyone were crying.also engeenering exam needs atleast 50 percent marks.so we hope and try to not to take a wrong step in our life.

  72. maths paper this year was lengthy , tough , tricky , time consuming , abstract , different n the only aim of this paper was to play with our future

  73. no comments…is this a cbse level or mains level paper. marks should be awarded for trying…pls listen to us cbse

  74. guys if u really need help so please write a requesting letter to smriti irani to conduct again the mathematics paper
    she can do any thing… as she is the education minister of our country

  75. The worst paper ever. What a question paper? Are you decided to spoil the future of CBSE students are what?? Our CET Ranking will depend on PHY CHEM & MATHS Score. Please have some common sense.

  76. this time cbse just screwed up .after mending such a great time studying maths.the question paper was too tough and of very great standard.which was out of reach of students it woul be a great loss for the average students to score……..plzzz dont let the uture of students into dark ……………..lineancy in paper valuation is expected………….

  77. yes we want re exam

    1. We certainly do need a re-exam…

  78. very depressing for the students…..they are tolling hard for two years with missing the fun in life and they get this as reward….what a shame…..they will hate putting hard work if this kinds of things happen and their mind will go off studies….CBSE should consider ….. Students life/careers depends on this exams…

  79. Shirshendu Bhattacharya

    Well CBSE only you people know what you want from us..its our future at stake..every year you seem to play with the maths question paper..for heavens sake please atleast give us grace marks..and for once I wish to meet those teachers who made this paper ..great job guys you have certainly killed a million hopes

  80. My son also crying due to tough, lengthy, out of syllabus maths paper year 2016.

    1. boost him.. he should not be nervous at all

  81. 65/2/c set 2
    Ques 9)
    (3x + 1){root4-3x-2Xsquar}
    it was a 4 marks question and i did in 4 pages..
    very lenthy..

    1. yes that question was horrible..i dont even know if my answer was right or not..CBSE plz give us some grace marks….its a request!!!!!!!!!

    2. it was a simple question, put the outside term = l(derivative of term inside root) + m .
      separate root with l and m. complete the squares and solve

  82. what is the fault of those students that studied for this exam according to the NCERT books and the trust on CBSE to provide them a good,scoring paper after previous year experiences????????………and what they get??? this much of a worst paper???? really……it is considered to be the most worst paper ever …..

  83. The exam was so tough . Why CBSE want the students to fail.

    Lost Hope …….

  84. Shirshendu Bhattacharya

    Well CBSE only you people know what you want from us..its our future at stake..every year you seem to play with the maths question paper..for heavens sake please atleast give us grace marks..

  85. Very tough exam its really hard like last year

    1. u r wrong bro………it is harder than previous year paper

    2. harder than previous year

  86. if CBSE wants to continuing this tradition……then plzzzzzz give the same question paper to the students appearing from all over the nation……then some balance maintains…………vrna abhi to state boards walon ke maze h…aur hum yahan bs apni feelings comment kr rhe h………………..shame on CBSE….

  87. This is the worst paper I have seen. There is no questions from NCERT text books even not of similar patterns. One mark questions even take lot of time to solve. I don’t know what CBSE wants to prove. After hard work the students are expecting only to fail or to just pass in the subject. I like to request the CBSE authorities to re-test or compensate with grace marks.
    A father of a student.

  88. Worst exam. I am very disappointed. Whole years hardwork has been ruined. If they do not have set pattern, then at least it should be conveyed that the paper would be out of NCERT books. What to do now, I am not able to understand. Gloomy day for me.

  89. very very tough paper. Hope some one listen

  90. worst paper ever…. cbse should provide grace marks!!

  91. if CBSE wants to continuing this tradition……then plzzzzzz give the same question paper to the students appearing from all over the nation……then some balance maintains…………vrna abhi to state boards walon ke maze h…aur hum yahan bs apni feelings comment kr rhe h….

    1. sahi h bhai.. … state board hi lena. tha.glti krdi cbse board leke

    2. Sahi hai bahi yaha to cg board valo ko formual puchte hai sidhe sidhe

  92. VIKAS YADAV. .... mr.weorRLwiDE

    ….are cbse walo previous year ki glti se kuch seekha nahi kya. …… yr. samaj nagi aata ki cbse m insan hi kaam krte h. ya devil. ?…… jhand bana rakhi h hmari lyk ko. …. itna bekaar paper i have never seen. …even i had solve 20 sampe papers… nd belevi me they all are far easy than todays bull shit paper

  93. Awesome paper today!! -_-
    Before going into the exam hall, I was sure to get 95+ with my level of preparation.
    Just because I go to JEE coaching, I was able to recognize and solve some twisted problems(in my head, not on the Paper completely).
    Very lengthy paper. Left about two 6 mark questions unattended :/
    During the reading time, I just turned around to see my friends.
    Their eyes spoke.
    Any possibility of Re-Exam? Given my situation, I’m ready to rebel against the Board.

  94. CBSE Punjab maths and Physics paper were so lenghty and tough :'( CBSE must grant grace marks …my worst papers ever :'(
    CBSE should stop trying new formulas on students..it will ruin student’s life and hardwork..A request from whole punjab students to cbse,to mark lineantly please please

  95. Its a shame that, CBSE prepared such a question paper.. No wonder students run away from this country! Simply pathetic paper.. My son prepared very hard and he is a topper otherwise.. today he is crying. I think CBSE board thinks if they prepare the tough paper it shows quality, not it doesn’t. It shows how ignorant you guys are! Anyway, I just have to console my son, requesting all the parents to do the same, after all its not their fault.

  96. the sick psycho who was responsible for the maths paper today..has all our curses…he / she just can not play with the future of kids..

  97. paper was hard not for u but for everyone.
    now i am awarding marks for ur courage for being positive.
    test ur self
    hope u can achieve 1oo here
    father of a 12 maths appearing student

  98. Being a parent, I feel very sad for all students who are trying so hard. But still I would advise them that not to loose hope that there are many more opportunities to come in their life.

  99. Horrible this was not expected from board authorities

  100. IT was a tough paper which has screwed up the lives of even well-off students by making them difficult to get 90% aggregate.

  101. this tym maths paper was very worst than last year board paper , no one can expect more thn 50% in this xam so please make neccessary correction lienent plzzzzzzzzz CBSE we are begging to our last level and plzzzzzzzz dont play with our lyf !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  102. What a joke.. cbse is trying to show off by giving such difficult questions.. I can bet more than 95% of school teachers wont be able to score more than 70 marks in todays paper then how can u expect a student to score 100.. foolish paper.. I dont care about cbse but this shit will degrade my jee mains rank alot….thank you. ..although paper was not very tough but definitely out of the trend…

  103. Paper is 2 tuff n lenghty. Challenge for authority to attempt the paper in 3 hrs. Allow 25 grace marks to all

  104. It is cruel. My daughter is hopeless now. Day and night she studied Maths.Our full family supported her, but she is very much disappointed. This is not only for my daughter’s fate almost all parents are saying same thing. So we are requesting CBSC to understand the situation and do the needful for saving our kids life and future. I am requesting all the students and parents don’t loose hope, Pls relax.

  105. Worst paper ever cbse played with our hopes and future:(

  106. Paper was very lengthy & tough as compare to previous year…so the CBSE should give bouns marks to all..WHAT the CBSE wants from us?…CBSE is playing with the life of students…

  107. Worst ppr ever ruind my day 🙁

  108. lengthy , cbse teacher should have instructed students always whenever you get the paper do the c part first, it is the most critical area , teacher knows about, i wont say it is tough, but it is purely lengthy, paper and also answer is coming in fraction , so you have to take to the next and do, certain rules students may not have taught by cbse teachers, i went through the question it is length not too tough, certain areas also students should use what method depends -cartisian method or vector method,

  109. What’s with CBSE ? I mean first of all there are a lot to study and we all have like worked day and night for this! born to ruin our lives!iwe are really disappointed with the boards

    1. It’s so not fair ! What does CBSE get by making our life miserable!can’t they see our happy faces? I had practised minimum 300. Qns from integration and the question that came had not connection at all? Who the hell prepares these questions? I guess some alien ! With no heart n no soul!

  110. Terriffic paper…..lollzzzz……..man…atb to those who r gonna write it next year….dont trust the board on this one!!!!

  111. I am the disappointed father of a CBSE maths exam attendee.my son was well prepared for exam and all his hard work become waste.

    I advice all students to be patient and work hard for next examination. This experience and recovery may help to make your minds stronger to face any hurdles in future life.

    with prayers -Saifudeen erakkath

  112. Today’s paper was so tough I couldn’t make even enough to get 33% marks.. Guaranteed fail today

  113. Cbse u r just making students disheartened by setting this kind of paper. It was too lengthy and hard. U mst think about our future

  114. Maths Trivandrum paper was also very tough and now I am hearing all over India it was very tough. Many of us were crying in the hall itself. The main problem is we have to compete with the state syllabus and other board students and we will lose out on all professional course admissions, because CBSE is putting us through these long, twisted and tough papers. Our future, self confidence and urge to study is being spoiled. What is the point in our studying hard for JEE and getting scores………….. we will loose out during admission due to this CBSE maths marks. Please I request the authorities to consider our future during evaluation of this unreasonable paper and give us grace marks.

  115. It was very hard and some students were even crying,why can’t cbse ensure that papers are not meant to cause distress to students,cbse should give clear instructions to those who make papers on what the criterion for setting up the paper should be,

  116. Dear Students and parents, I am a student counselor. I have gone through the comments of the students and some parents. I kindly request you to think in positive way. Why now a days we are just dependent on scores for success in life. If one exam got tough it does not mean your entire life has gone in dark. Please smile after reading the comments of all as it is tough for all not only for you. So the students who were competing with other still the completion is there. Do not worry be happy. Exams are made by human and being evaluated by humans and are not 100% accurate assessment of the student. I attended one seminar in KSA which explained that even if student score 0 in exam it does not prove that he know nothing about the subject and if some students score 100% in exams it do not prove that they know every thing about subject. So the students who studies hard rest assured your hard work will give you the fruit you are looking for. Be happy and focus on the remaining examination. feel free to contact me. It is free help for my young friends and their parents

    1. thank you sir!

    2. I agree with you sir… after all board marks for even jee are taken in a relative sense (percentile) rather than in the absolute sense (percentage) so the paper is easy or tough for everybody and not just for one.

  117. CBSE! Mathematics….one of my favourite subjects and till today 15 min. Before receiving the question paper i was confident that maths would be my scoring subject..But no, right CBSE?
    It has come to the point where i have to think whether i will pass or not…i request a lenient checking and grace marks!

  118. A maths Exam requires a student to think and then write. It’s not like a History paper when one can Just see the question and start writing. So 3 hours is good enough only for the writing part but for thinking and that to for a paper this tough ATLEAST 1.5 hours more is required. Exams are for differentiating between the good student and the bad. Exams are definitely not the right way of judging. A guy who is going to get good marks in today’s paper may turn out to be very stupid and may not know how to use what he/she studied in real life. It’s just very convenient for CBSE to make an exam this tough just so that they can “Differentiate” between good and bad and make the job for colleges easy.

  119. I think we should all take this matter of tough and lengthy 2016 CBSE Maths paper, to Madam Smrithi Irani’s twitter account and blogs – so that the ministry is aware of it.

  120. Why CBSE is repeating such thing time and again . Last year they had realised their mistake and given some grace mark. Is CBSE want to continue same trend. Authority concern should come out explain the fact to avoid distress of student.

  121. any possibility of re-exam ?

  122. hooooooooooorriiible

  123. Alamelu Swaminathan

    I can’t take this easily. My daughter was working v hard. sacrifice everything. 2 years worked hard unnesscerily. No result.

    CBSE board is playing with our children life. I feel v bad when looking her maths notebooks.

    Why didn’t u make the model paper like this?????

    Anyway I just have console my daughter. Pls do the same. This is not our children mistake.

    we beg u do some thing for our children.

    1. G.Swaminathan, Saudi Arabia

      I agree my wife Alamelu Swaminathan Statement.

      Board should declare today itself either Re exam or valuation how they are going to perform.

      I request all the parents whoever seeing this message to approach the school where our student studied make complaint to the Principal let them take it to the Board tomorrow itself.

      Let us not wait for this

  124. hate u cbse
    why do u do this to us
    first physics and now maths
    go die

    1. same situation for me first business now maths………………*******.

  125. OMG……MATHS,,,,, u have taken away my life…… planning to quit

  126. My dear kids, today my ward also appeared in the same exam and she also is disappointed by the maths paper. please kids do not loose hope bur rather ask your parents to write to cbse and HRD minister to do justice with cbse students. A proper grace marks be given to all students and there ranks should be accordingly decided in the JEE marit list with compare to other state boards. Our kids has done there job now its time for us as a parents to fight for them. I am writing to minister HRD please join me. why the effort of my kids go waste.

  127. Challenging questions could be given from few chapters.Almost all questions were tricky.Definitely not a 3 hr paper.

  128. The maths paper of CBSE has been set to examine the examiner’s competency and not the student’s The intention of this paper is to fail maximum number of students spoil their future

  129. My request to all the students is not to think about quitting or things like that, my son also appeared and like I advised him. I said it is one of those things in life which happens,so be it, prepare for coming papers and I hope that some better sense prevails at CBSE and they immediately come out with a statement which can put aside the distress which the students are going through

  130. they should also consider that medical students are also giving this before setting such a paper tough and lenghty

  131. How annoying with this type of question paper , my daughter came home crying like hell , wat the board achieves by setting this type papers. Unable to see the young faces who came out of the hall , wat are they trying to achieve?? Exams are to test the child’s ability and not the smartness of the person who set the paper !!

  132. Omg! Such a difficult paper. The paper should either be difficult and short or easy and lengthy. This one was difficult as well as lengthy. No time to even think or to complete many answers. Go to hell CBSE. Those who are preparing for JEE found it moderate. Well then you should consider integrating JEE syllabus. Go to hell.

  133. Very hard maths question paper will make me to commet Sucide .kam se kam pass hone tk ka question hona chahiye .future barbaad ho gya

  134. It is really sad today how an education system instead of helping students, show its wits with young generation of india…..is this what the education and HRD ministry wants …..you CBSE make many by publishing books and they screw up like of many student by asking some educated purveys to show their skills on just blooming buds…..very sad state …the Govt should take immediate action ….

  135. It was 3 hours of torture for my brother.Even though he was pretty good in maths,the question paper made him think that what he learned was not maths.This affects the career of lot of students.There is no way to explain the kind of stress CBSE has put these children through in last few hours.No time & super tough questions..what a combination!!

  136. 14th march is the black day for cbse student in history of examination.when the student prepair for 12th but question is came very tuf. Then iit’s.
    Question setter is very mad man .He push the student for ….i dont say any thing about this. The HR ministry take any decision against this situation.

  137. Worst paper ever seen!! What will they do if I fail??…. would I get a re-exam? ?? Anyone plzz answer

    1. same situation here brooooo…….i am almost sure that i will fail…there will be cmpartment exam……..we can try in that

  138. Planning to quit.

  139. Has the education ministry gone crazy? !? It was such a difficult and lengthy paper! And the prime minister talks about bright futures for students and development. We want REEXAM!

  140. The paper was seriously unexpected one…. I feel like dying… My complete percentage will go down because of this. Also being a bio student I believe that maths have made us too much disappointed…. I feel grace marks should be given and also marks for attempting the ques should also be provided to students….:’|

  141. Really disguisting it was very lenghthy and tricky ,lowers my percentage

  142. Oohhh cbse plss helpp usss…bcuz of this worst paper I can even lost my hope of getting above 90 in overall….. cbse must do something too to ensure Marissa for attempted quss….. human welfare minister……. plsss door somethinggggggggit decides purr futureeeeee

    1. r u a science student……………???

  143. IDIOTS!!!!
    What The HeLL Are They Doing!!??For God’s Sake please Put up a nice and easy Qstn paper…..U Ar Ruining Our Life!!!!!

    the Person creating such question papers..dont he have children??
    Will he make them suffer??

  144. Soniya Thulasidharan


  145. What is happening with CBSE board!!! Are the question paper setters SADISTS? Why put questions from outside of NCERT!! What are they trying to prove.

    These CBSE idiots do not understanding that their bullshit approach to paper setting is causing immense pressure on our kids.

    Boycott CBSE BOARD!

    Smriti Irani please do something !!! Kick these CBSE paper setters out of the organisation.

  146. the worst maths paper i hv ever faced Plz do Lenient checking…..its a request!!!!!!

  147. what are you doing CBSE what can I say such a lengthy and hard paper want grace marks or reconduct playing with the life of student

  148. Either Cbse should replace NCERT books with some supplementary book or if not then it should give questions as per the standard of NCERT…

  149. It is sad that in a country where kids shy away from taking Mathematics, CBSE by further putting a question paper like 14-March-2016, is encouraging more people to take Physical Education with Biology. Sad that CBSE is making the students loose hope so early in life. It is pathetic, India is short of good teachers and we discourage students from becoming good students. CBSE has pulled down the percentage. Where is our HRD minister? Is she listening-she always says I am a mother?? Who is listening us?? Sad and Shameful for CBSE and HRD Ministry. I request no less than PM-Modiji to look into this.

  150. Who prepare the question paper ask them to write the exam within the stipulated time & show scoring full marks. Why they don’t understand the pressure of the students during exam period. Why they don’t look at the student’s future. Whether CBSE decided to spoil the future of aspiring students.

  151. Who prepared the question paper ask them to write the exam within the stipulated time & show scoring full marks. Why they don’t understand the pressure of the students during exam period. Why they don’t look at the student’s future. Whether CBSE decided to spoil the future of aspiring students.

  152. This paper was much more lengthy and difficult then previous year paper . I wish CBSE is lenient in marking….

    1. prakhar tchrs r telling that it was easy than the previous yrs ….bt i am agreeing with u…6mark questions SEEMs easy bt not getting the exact answer……..they r jst ruining our future…….this is the reasin that many students r going to state sylbs……

  153. G.Swaminathan, Saudi Arabia

    All the childrens do not take negative, be possitive everything solution is there, I do agree you people have wonderful job, nothing to worry

    I request BOARD give solution to the childrens

    I believe Board will give kind of support to the student whoever appear in Maths exam 14th Mar 2016.

    As a parent I am suggesting to you all please leave it this and concentrate for the next exam, I knew that this is the pain for you all, still life need move on.

    Therefore I humble request to all the student, please be prepare for the next Exam.

  154. one of the most worse paper ever to much lenthy and difficult

  155. question was so rude
    it was more complicated than prv.yrs.
    and too was time takibg.
    maths que make me in depresssion.


  157. It was a pathetic paper . Too lengthy too tough . What does cbse want to prove. They are directly responsible for ruining the students life. They should give full marks in every attempted question. The person who has made the paper should think of the future and not give the paper just for show off.

  158. the question paper was utter shit ……till this xam it is the most worst exam i have ever attended……….plz see into this problem……….and plz dont put this kind of fkng paper ever our juniors will die and suicide rate will grow…..:D :'(

  159. When the Exam is not suppose to be from NCERT than why NCERT book is being taught to students in school. The paper setter should try to solve such type of papers within two hours. If unable to do so he should resign and takeup begging as a profession in front of private publishers.

  160. It was to hard ………..we all want grace marks
    When I was doing my paper I was just thinking about…..our PRIME MINISTER STATEMENT ” Acche din aa gye “

  161. CBSE should fix the kind of reference books from which the paper will come like state board such as RBSE, Ajmer.

  162. The worst exam……the questions were unexpected + lengthy…dear teachers plss keep it in urs minds..while checking

  163. paper was lengthy and hard in such cases markings are liberal so guys dont do any thing wrong and like last years grace marks will be given

  164. My physics and chemistry paper sucked due to my sickness… So i thought as i usually was good in solving maths and my main marks in tests and coachings were based on it i thought (seeing 2015 maths paper) i could score a bit of my % back.
    I did ncert along with xam idea along and also all 2015 paper.
    There were questions in 4 mark which were meant for 6 mark
    And hence made the paper too lengthy
    Few questions were twisted…
    I was hoping that cbse wont make maths paper like last year or at least not any higher level but that didnt seemed to be the case and screwing more of my %…
    Now i js got one xam left and if i dun score in dat den im <80%

  165. Swaminathan, Saudi Arabia

    I request all the parents to write mail to CBSE Board Chairman in the below mail id

  166. My physics and chemistry paper sucked due to my sickness… So i thought as i usually was good in solving maths and my main marks in tests and coachings were based on it i thought (seeing 2015 maths paper) i could score a bit of my % back.
    I did ncert along with xam idea along and also all 2015 paper.
    There were questions in 4 mark which were meant forpattern
    And hence made the paper too lengthy
    Few questions were twisted…
    I was hoping that cbse wont make maths paper like last year or at least not any higher level but that didnt seemed to be the case and screwing more of my %…
    This paper was not at all for 3hrs…
    And certainly not from the ncert pattern
    If they wanted to give questions from jee level than they should hve said so.. So we could prepare it upto that level
    Now i js got one xam left and if i dun score in dat den im <80%

  167. this year maths paper was very tough…how can you expect normal school going students to solve this paper…i am very distraught and feeling worthless…cbse pescribed maths text is NCERT but i think you should change it to rd sharma and other supplements of renowned authors…then abolish entrance exams and give admission to college only based on board marks….otherwise i think no one will be able to attend college…….you are playing with our future…this paper was made for IITians not normal students….now cbse students will be crying over this paper while icse and other board students will be happy with their high scores….way to go cbse…hats off to you….i would suggest our beloved government to establish a new education board…

  168. Worst paper i have ever given…. this paper was too lengthy . . And plus.. it was typical also.. i found 3 hrs very and very less to complete this paper.. my whole result will get affected by this paper.. i want leniency in checking! ! .. i can’t see my future in dark so easily !..

  169. Nandinianandkumar

    Exams should be for assessment not to scare students

  170. Look Guys, I was expecting nothing less than 100 in today’s exam.
    But at first I was like, OMG is there any possibility of scoring 100!
    Soon, I realised I have to save some time for the tougher questions towards the end and when 2hrs cmpltd i was left with two 6 mrks and two 4 mrks questions. I hurried it up and to my surprise I was able to do all the questions. Though all students were crying but I was kinda happy. I believe it was all about managing time……….(No Offence)SO PLLZZ DON”T JUST YELL AT THOSE CBSE GUYS.
    If u were actually prepared then u should have scored 90+ easily

  171. Its acceptable if CBSE wants us to do and practice tough questions, but what is not acceptable that they make the paper tough as well as lengthy at the same time. Added to that they didn’t follow the marking scheme.

    Every one thought that 2015 paper was very tough—-although it wasn’t lengthy—–every one practised accordingly for this one.

    but this one was far tougher than the previous year.

    Cbse must do lenient checking this time.

  172. The paper was very lengthy and i can’t complete it and left 2 six marks question…………… 🙁

  173. Aryan singh rathowd

    Actually the paper was not difficult, I was able to attempt 92 percent or 92

    marks corrrectly and no time was left for the rest questions , yes the paper was very lenghty relatively but not difficult

  174. Each and every question was twisted.Very lengthy.Hope that cbse will do the necessary.Do pray.

  175. It seems that the Maths question paper was prepared by the same person who prepared 2015 year’s. Any one can say that the paper is ok or normal CBSE need not consider any of the abvoe request. One among the student got “Fits” in the exam hall and fainted while attending the exam. Other students were tensed. Is this the way CBSE is COMMITTED TO EQUITY AND EXCELENCE EDUCATION”. Honarable minister should interfere and do the needful to stop demotivating the students.

  176. horrible maths paper do cbse wants the student to commit sucide as they would
    not be able to get admission in DU .the students from other states and boards
    are going to grab all the seats

  177. Toughest question ,was so lengthy and challenging,shattered all my dreams ,hope we will be awarded grace marks

  178. Toughest question ,was so lengthy and challenging,brok a total dream breaker ,hope we will be awarded grace marks

  179. Today’s paper was a drastic combination of application and time consumpyion which seemed to be a nightmare for all the students of cbse.

  180. Well guys the paper wasnt tough….but yeah it was a lengthy one

  181. True it was a hard and lengthy exam

  182. I dnt want to live anymore , this marks will destroy my life. My parents health are also not well, my mom take daily medicine for pressure.

  183. Today’s paper was just prepared to prove the wits of the person who prepared it.Not everyone are Einsteins.It was rather quite tough for an average student.Of course it left most of us in tears.Hope the cbse provides grace marks.

  184. Worst exam ever till now…!!!

  185. Very lenghty paper ….:( depressed!!! Its a humble request to the education board to do the needful nd help in securing the future of students….grace marks should be given….

  186. D most worst paper i have ever given
    So lengthy paper ……3 hrs were not at all enough…
    By giving these type of ques paper cbse just want to tell the students whether they work hard or they dont….they will not be able to perform in there exams.
    Dis paper was really a life threatning paper
    I expected 100 maths nd now its just turning up in 80’s…
    Very disappointed …all my hopes are shattered
    Totally life threatning paper..

  187. Worst paper ever!!

  188. the worst ever paper…f cbse..make evaluation liberal atleast do that favour..dont break our hopes and dreams..treat us like students..not as enemies..

  189. Very lenghty…..deeply depressed….its a humble request to the education board to do the needful nd help in securing the future of students. Grace marks should be given

  190. many student lives on hope,that there will be lose checking.if it will not happen than i will surely faill,nd commit to sucide.

  191. Math Questions on 14/3/16 CBSE,12th Exam were very tough.CBSE should consider grace mark.

  192. many student lives on hope,that there will be lose checking.if it will not happen than i will surely faill,nd commit to sucide.i am destroy

  193. Aarada ee qn papr ittadu

  194. Till now maths was worst 🙁 .. It was not expected .. And was quite lengthy even

  195. Really CBSE is playing with the future of students. With these tough questions how can we compete with the students studying in other syllubus, In kerala now the question is ”why to Opt for CBSE” while the other syllubus are more and more better.Stop messing with our lifes…….

  196. seriously…..worst paper evaa……..it will ruined my percentage. ……and destroy my dreams too……..?

  197. CBSE please give us the answer of the 6 mark 3D question wew coudnt get it

  198. The paper was so tough.
    Please CBSE give grace marks.
    After solving all region papers from past years, this paper was a nightmare!!!
    What was it?
    It is not possible to invent new strategies at the spot of BOARD EXAM!
    Please Save Us!

  199. To their the question paper of maths was very difficult it was also very Lengthy. I expected getting 95 in maths but this question paper it is even difficult to get 85 . Due to this long question I have left completely eight marks and even I have not corrected the question over again so there is a probability of getting some questions wrong. So the CBSE should allot some grace mark for this maths question. I had worked very hard for this exam but due to this long question and then the question that I have ruined my exam . I am very sad for my exam I worked so hard but there was no use of it

  200. Worst paper ever i had seen..not even expecting above 50…60% is mandatory for engineering… Future khrab hogya yr.. Sab kuchkhtam hogya.. Wanna quit…

  201. Worst paper ever i had seen… Wanna quit sab kuch khtam hogya yr future khrab hogya not even expecting above 50…

  202. I’m a mother of a student today’s exam was quite horrible is a good student but he also prepare very well for the exam without sleeping at night. the examiner should be loose in marking n to be very lenient and they should stop giving such a hard questions and the questions. You should not spoil the carrier so please try to give some good questions and the questions should not exceed its limit to do the question was very very long and some have left many questions let my son have left about eight marks please do linent marking.

  203. CBSE students were cursed with this Maths paper. Their rank in JEE mains will be tough with this kind of Maths paper. It looks that CBSE is targetting to spoil life of CBSE students by way of complex paper and questions papers were not properly reviewed before releasing for examination. 4+ hours of duration paper was given for 3 hours. Therefore, i request CBSE to take into consideration of this paper and do justice to all CBSE studentS.

  204. it is so hard paper.board should give us bonus point re grace markz.

  205. The paper was too difficult.3-D Questions of the paper were beyond textbook.atleast 1/2 hour should have been provided.this paper is going to ruin the aggregate percentage of every student.teachers should do leninent checking.

  206. The paper was quite tough and it was too lengthy to be completed in 3 hours.
    Last time when I gave my class 10 ICSE boards I secured 99 marks in maths. This time when I am in class 12 I hoped to secure 100 in maths CBSE boards. But all in vain

    Now I think I shouldn’t have changed my board and continued to study in CBSE board because these don’t know how to set the question paper.

    The paper could be made tricky ,it’s fine . But at least they should not have made it this much lengthy.

    I knew each and every question of the paper but it was only the time running ahead of my dream to score a 100.

  207. Please give grace marks because at morning weather was not well and temperature was 7℃ .so please


  209. The biggest difficulty in todays paper was being clear with the conceptual part of the questions, and unless the students had seen similar questions before it would be impossible to attempt the question withhout spending a lot of time on approaching a solution, I don’t think the examiner that set the paper had themselves tried to solve the paper within the stipulated time.

  210. All dreams shattered with this paper. I don’t really understand that these paper setters don’t have their own kids . Are they devoid of all human emotions.
    Even though I knew each and every single question of the paper yet found it difficult to complete the paper in 3 hrs .
    I expected a lengthy and difficult paper but not this much lengthy that all the 6 markers would come in 4 markers .1 markers going out of head. 6 markers a hell lot tym consuming.
    Hope the checking is lenient and they don’t look on the presentation of the paper .
    Hope is the only word that comes to my mind and heart….

  211. The paper today was a little lengthy but was very EASY.. Few questions demanded presence of mind.. But overall the paper was very simple and 3 hours were decent enough to complete it in time. I even got time to revise the paper. Expecting a perfect score. And remember that CBSE doesn’t want to give admission to average students to top rank colleges!! So you have to be prepared for the worst!

    1. Soniya Thulasidharan

      Was it only a little lenghty?it was a 4hrs question paper.May be u are genius ,but all are not like u.even an above average student can’t score good marks in this paper.do u want only genius students to take admission in colleges?then nobody will be there in colleges.donot be so selfish.

  212. I could have scored 92, but the length killed the paper. it was a 48 page answer sheet, they should have given us more time.

  213. dude….dnt play in somones life..i hv scroed 82 in my preparatory….but i even cant score 28…with tis paper..plz u hv only 3 option to save life. . 1.to corret liently.
    3.or kill the students……….

  214. didn’t get the time to attend any graph question

  215. my younger bro too gave exam today he was crying dont know what to do ……..saying bhai yh bhi hard aaya chemistry ki tarah

  216. Declare CBSE a TERRORIST ORGANISATION. They Terrorize and break down the confidence of our young souls and spoil their careers- worst than ISIS!

  217. math paper was tooooooo hard…and so lengthy…..

  218. Well I’m done now…..
    I entered the hall having faith in my 2 years of hard work….2 years of missing that fun filled life….2 years of staying away from my family ….just…..just to fulfil my dreams….
    i was never ever even an average student ….always used to top ..not only till 10th but till the day before this exam……today everything feels so suffocating. ….all my hard work to score good percentage in boards and do well enough in JEE is in vain now…..
    tbh i did coaching. …woke late every night. ….stayed 1000 kms away from my family ……

    everything was going very good until this f****n* day…..i did very well in physics….and most importantly my jee preparation was very good
    but just after giving todays xam …..
    i realised how difficult it will be for me to get a good rank in jee even after scoring good in mains ( of which I’m hopeful)
    but now I’m left with nothing …nothing but a shattered dream …:'(
    this is not only me …..this is the story of every single classmate of my institute as well as school…
    there are thousands of peeps lyk me who are numb now of what to do next…
    for now….i cannot beleive that i performed so bad in maths in my life :/
    i hope I’ll never ever perform this much bad in future…
    but the worst part is that we cbse students (as well as my jee coaching) even dont know that what are we lacking ….todays paper was just not done …well played cbse…this is not done !
    – an IIT aspirant as well as a class 12th cbse student (of which I’m regretting)

  219. The maths exam was so tough and was so lenghty and time consuming. I started off with 6 marks quesions and when i finished it off there was hardly one and a quarter hour left for doing the 4 marks and 1mark section… If the CBSE grand us 8-9hrs, we could finish off the entire questions…. we students can’t stop crying because of this tragedy….

  220. math paper was tooooooo hard…and so lengthy…..too hard…bhaut bekkar paper……it is the worst paper in my life….

  221. sab naa padhne wale bachcho aur unke parents ke bahane hai. agar concepts clear ho aur khoop practice ki hui ho to koi bhi question kisi bhi tarah se twist karke ya seedhe aaya ho, bachchaa kar sakta hai. main problem pata hai kya hai… sab bachche coaching par aashrit hote hai. pure saal unhe sirf padhaayaa jata hai. .. school me teacher padhaata hai aur coaching me tution master padhaata hai.
    mai poochhta hu ki bachchaa khud kab padhta hai. apni khud ki akal kab lagaata hai. apne dimaag ko kab maanjta hai . shaayad kabhi nahi. sab coaching par dependent hai. ek rattu tote ki tarah sab kewal saal bhar ulike aur naa jaane kitni hi kitaabe khareed kar le aate hai.. par subject ki asli knowledge koi Birla hi le paataa hai . baaki adhikaansh log to kewal exam me kaise appear hona hai yahi seekhte rahte hai.

    aap dekhna jab kayee bachcho ke 100 number aayenge to vo bhi ham sab ke bachcho ki tarah hi apne teacher se padhe honge. parantu unhone subject ko sahi dhang se samjha hoga tabhi ve 100 number lane me kamyaab honge. baaki bachche to kewal sawaalo ke ghere me pade rahte hai. subject jahaa samjh aayaa .. samjho sab kuch kar sakne ki kshamta unme aa gayee. apne bachcho ko apne school teacher ke supurd kar do. aur coaching ko bilkul naa kar do. phir dekhna yah hoga ki aapka bachchaa khud ko ghis rahaa hai ki nahi.. yakeenan vah khud ko ghis rahaa hoga.

    coaching wale bachche to sirf upar ki polish kar paate hai. jo apne upar vishwaas nahi rakh sakta, apne school teacher par vishwaas nahi rakh sakta, vah paise ke bal par apne aapko kisi aur se manjwaa raha hoga. apni khudh ki ghisayee apne aap nahi kar sake, voh kaise subject ko samajh sakta hai

  222. Why u did this with us….my paper was completed in 2 hrs almost except that integration question of 4 marks….I wasted 1/2 hour in that question but no result….plzz understand 4 marks matters alot for those who prepared whole year to get full marks

  223. one heck of a paper.. ! NO TIME LESS NCRT QUESTIONS, totally nerve recking.. I don’t want to live on this planet anymore!

  224. CBSE board can only test the knowledge of the students. It has no rights to test their braveness. You are not absolutely helping the young generation instead putting their confidence in graveyard. Parents are really worried about their wards life n future. CBSE board has tremendous power which can be used to help the students of our nation but they misused to kill them. Have mercy on students. Unfit people need not be there in the board. Worst paper ever seen in the history of CBSE exam. Just giving speech will not work think and set papers. This is not politics you cannot play with the life of students. Almost all the students cried and went home. Merciless hearts has set the paper. You made everyone to cry and gave a hopeless future.

  225. all i can say is that the paper was too too lengthy ..
    it was the lengthiest paper in cbse history. i dont know what the cbse people were thinking …. hope some miracle happens otherwise it gonna take down my whole percentage.. the questions were tricky but doable if and only if we were given some more time…. now lets hope for the best.

  226. Set-1 was damm difficult and a lenghthy
    Please conduct re-exam for mathematics….

  227. I am very upset with my performance of maths exam.maths exam was little difficult but was very lenghty .it was not of 3hr exam well of 4hr.
    It is not fair
    Although phy and eng exam was still less lenghtier than maths.i think i have able to attempt of 70 marks and i can only score 68 marks .i am sure i can score well in phy and chemi but in maths not.
    Only the maths exam can ruined my percentage .ovously one subject can bring down the percentage.its true.i think in this cond. There is no one who would dare to say to sit back and relax .also some people says to not to take this sceriously but did’nt thay know that cbse 12 class percentage is very imp .it is considered in all feilds .even in jee mains it contains 40% waitage.so do u think it is fair with us. I think we all should get 15 marks bonus to save our result and life.
    12 class result is very imp the people who say to not to take it sceeiously are they responsible for our selection .so just think once forour future ..its a request plz do some thing .bc its the question our future one wrong step should reuin our future

    1. Anjali lets just rays aur voice this intolerence……………
      2k16cbse maths stumps up yar….
      The need is that ncert to be upgraded now otherwise what is happenning every year is helllll…..

  228. cbse must follow the pattern of sample paper issued every year before exam for board exam paper….

    please all my friends tweet smriti Irani as much as possible so that the whole authority become alert about this problem …..

  229. Wt da …..worste paper evr i attmpt…. Re conduct exam plz…to reduce suicide case including me…dmn i m gona fail

  230. It might be lengthy but not at all tough..
    The questions were quite trivial

  231. Maths this year exam was the worthest exam the students have ever seen..
    Is was very lenghty .it was of 4 hr exam.
    Studends are not able to complete their exam even if they know the ans .
    I think they should be provided with some bonus marks so that thay can score good.most of the students have attempted on 70 to 75 marks exam .even if they score good in other subjects but only maths paper can ruin their percantage .
    Thay should not be presurise….its a request to think once ..
    They are the future of our country.
    Children should not be presurised because there is high comp.all over the world.cbse12 class percentage is considered in every feild …so plz help

  232. Why govt issue the shit #ncert if they wants make such type of ppr if they want to do so plz change this

  233. You are talking about that simple paper……Well that simple paper can ruin the percentage and perhaps the aspired life too…!

  234. Are bhai majak karna hi tha to jee mains ka paper pakda dete .. ..shayad vo bhi solve kr dete..apki ncert kitabo se..!! Aaj ke liye itna hi…

  235. It was a disaster. Playing with students life. The one who prepared question does not have any idea about students capability, time management etc. Highly demotivating. Authorities should go through all the concern and do the necessary action for all the students who appeared math exam

  236. cbse playing a wrong game to us.today maths exams is to much lenghty and difficult. it is our humble request to cbse to gave a grace marks.because without grace my passing in maths is so difficult

  237. It was too difficult to solve and achieve good marks.. and most important information that the questions were leaked day before the examination. . It’s not a good that who had not study till the year achieve good mark. .. because the paper was LEAKED. ..

  238. Yar agar tum cbse valo ne bol diya hai ki ncert padho toh usmey sey diya karona varna bata do kis book mey sey paper banatey ho voh padh lengey
    Aur rd sharma inkey bap ki toh hai nhi key jo maan mey aaya de diya………..

  239. Well for this exam they may give grace marks. But what is the use of it as the exam should be conducted to test the skill of child and not just for the namesake.
    they should make the paper moderate and make it a test for students.

  240. math paper ne to band baja di

  241. Maths paper was so tricky,lengthy, puzzling….
    Due to that we can not score good marks.what cbse has done to us? Our carrier is ruined and now we can’t get good %age…… Cbse should give us grace…..that’s the only solution .

  242. sir please atleas pass the students in math because math paper is very hard

    1. sir delhi cbse math paper is toughest paper of all time ; if i fail i wil attempt sucide and for this you are responsible

  243. cbse :EXPERT: panel will u be urself in a position to solve these maths exam ques. in 3 hrs ………………… very tough n lengthy as well….stop playing from students carrier ………..expecting linient checking.otherwise seats in engg colleges r going to be empty this year for sure…

  244. After giving cbse 12 th maths and chemistry paper,i think humare achhe din nhi,bure din aa gye hai…

  245. This year paper was very lenthy and tough ….3 hr are not enough to solve this paper..as compare to this paper 2014 paper was very easy..i think that this time not a single student will got 70 up in maths …this paper brings our percentage down…

  246. I really expected this kind of move from cbse. Practiced accordingly, but the paper was to lengthy that, I couldn’t even touch 2 six mark questions. This is horrible for a students expecting 80’s and after the exam down to 65’s. Lot of my friends were afraid even they would fail. I would have appreciated cbse, if the text book was of the so called level

  247. Had a lot of expectations from math exam………but now all vain.such a worst experience for the first time in math exam. CBSE can’t play like this with the future of students.now it will have to pay for its mistake by giving grace marks or conducting math exam again……fully stressed up!

  248. hi everyone
    be brave in life; nothing is important / valuable than your own life. my daughter also felt the same as everyone of you experienced as the math question paper was tough and has brought her hope down. But we convinced her that surely some moderation could be done from the authorities. Examination shall be a tool to test capability of the students knowledge in the subjects and their applications in real life, and should not be proving the standard of the question paper setter’s knowledge and identity.

  249. I was expecting 95+ before exams because i solved ncert 4 times and solved 10 years paper and practiced day and night but guess what this paper banged my dreams im hopeless i have left 12 marks ;( why CBSE why u did dis last year paper was easier than this

  250. So hard than ever its time taking paper CBSE shouldn’t issue any type of blueprint if the can’t follow , this paper much hard than previous year Evey sample book of paper now failed now they start playing with student future, examiner should have to check and mark leniently in the copy moreover its only a paper don’t lose your prepare yourself for the future..

  251. For me maths was a strong point … And now I feel totally destroyed…. I don’t even know I will pass

  252. 5 marks irrespective of students should be given ,

  253. My son’s and majority of other students hard work for the last 2 years gone waste, their dream gone, they are totally exhausted. My son is such a postive attitude was crying yesterday. As a father i am not able to tolerate. Really we parents dont understand what this CBSE board expect from students.

  254. Mathematics paper was easy ..paper was fully based on ncert patern..though it was lengthy but was not like tears…

    1. ees tess kra le saale….shakal dekh apni kanch me

  255. cbse has gone mad people in mangement should be replaced they dot know ? is right and wrong last year also they could nt make proper paper

  256. by making this type of maths paper cbse trys to control the population

  257. DEAR CBSE,
    please kindly let us know how much more we need to work,,?? please…let us know…me and all of my friends actually worked really hard for this exam!!..and the result,,?? DISGUSTING..for a student who works for a 99 or 100..its really heartbreaking…infact each and every student is affected by this paper..!!
    this destroys the morale of students ..n I really don’t think ill perform good in my next exams after this BST and MATHS disaster!!!

  258. cbse people need to take rest they lost their mind while making paper they think that they r making board paper of competion level like IIT OR MAIMS ETC. SUDHAR JAO CBSE baar baar maaf nahi kiye jaoge..because 12 board is matter of carriar…mind it

  259. The worst paper ever!! don’t know what’s wrong with the cbse guys. Class 12 is an important turning point in a student’s life and if the board itself tries to experiment in such important subjects they could have atleast notified it before. feels like setting the ncert book on fire!!

  260. mai chahta hu ki board giving should give a strike if they dont give proper marks

  261. Yea true…but what about the percentage. .my percentage will go down because of this type of paper..it’s true that many of the students and even I was thinking that paper will not going to be easy..but the paper was not set for 3 hours..sometimes cbse should think of students too..so I request om behalf of many students almost all…that PROPER MEASURES SHOULD ME TAKEN..EITHER BY PROVIDING SOME EXTRA MARKS OR SO……otherwise this will ruin our board marksheet……




  263. Worst paper. destroyed my all hopes.destroyed my future.Who is responsible for this.The system

  264. Gosssh!!!!! What the hell is this?? I think CBSE has forgotten that the children are writing exams not the animals!! How can a human being complete such a paper within 3 hours. Really telling till now it was my worst nightmare. It just went all in vain. My preparations,efforts,dedication,moroever my dreams were just sailed away in the laughing spell which came in the form of maths paper of CBSE. No doubt that you are just setting the paper to show that you have the capability to do. But the main aim of educational board is to provide students worthy education and support the students. You are just playing with students life!! It will be no doubt if some weak hearted students may look no way other than suicide!!!!(not A joke….mind it)…Being a good student in maths I was depressed at my performance but i can imagine my friends….
    Please atleast give a time to think about it………

  265. i dint do my exam well it was very bad and i doubt that ill pass or not if not i cant go to any coolege my future is ruined please tell me what to do shud i take long term hud i leave all my dreams altough my phy and chem paper wer goood i just want to die!! 🙁

  266. I am not even scoring passing marks I couldn’t complete the whole paper as I got stucked on questions which maked me depressed now what I will do how I will tell my parents they are excepting alot from me

  267. time too short….more of tricky questions…less questions from NCERT

  268. I appeared for the CBSE XIIth in 2003. And like everybody here, i was so worried that what will happen if i scored badly. I also used to think that if i’m able to crack 90+ (it was an awesome stuff in those days, these days even 95 is less), it wud b a cake walk further.
    Let me tell u everyone out there, the marks scored in XIIth hasn’t done anything good to me except getting into the list for Physics Hons in Hindu College(which i didnt opt). I tell u, board exams are nothing more than an exam, nothing more than wht helps u in boasting of among ur friends and relatives.
    The journey of ur careers have just begun. Aage itne hardships hain, itna fierce competition hai ki tmhare 94% marks bhi kaam nhi aayenge. U have to get into merit list somewhere and if u r in, u r done with.
    All the best for ur career. Focus on ur skills and what u want to do n wht subject u want to opt and wht field u want to get in. Its just a beginning. Let ur this maths paper be laid to rest. God Bless u!!

  269. The worst maths paper i have ever given
    cbse going wacky
    don’t realise that the paper was too lengthy to be completed in 3 hrs time
    srsly i have never expected such a lengthy paper
    it was the only subject for me which was considered as my strengrh n the most scoring subject but cbse vanished all my dreams
    atleast give some grace of 5 marks cbse

  270. i dont understand one thing that
    if you CBSE guys are so keen on giving such tough,lengthy and tricky questions then why the hell have u given us NCERTS to study.
    NCERT is so simple in comparison to the 2016 paper.
    also why dont you guys then update the NCERT with such tricky questions so that at least we can have a little idea of what is going to come in exam. but u guys dont. CBSE thank you very much , i was expecting a percentage of 80% but after maths exam i doubt that i will even get the qualifying percentage to sit in JEE exams. thank you for shattering my dreams and hopes

  271. Plz……. Take any action very soon but carefully Aur average bacho KO bhi dekh kr……

  272. Teacher ne kha tha NCERT cmplt karlo 80 cros ho jayengege. I cmplt it 4 times but now ………..Dump….. Ab toh gvt schl ka result hi down ho jayega

    1. Bro i have done it 7 odd times leaving only difff eqns from ncert

  273. I don’t think y u people playing wid us if u want DAT less people should sit in jee then y don’t u do a pre test before jeee……n make our xam paper as per NCERT ….thks a lot nw I don’t be able to given a jee test also u all r jus …go to hell

  274. In my view cbse board should only follow the syllabus istead of recommendation of ncert book some reference book like exempler. R d sbarman r s avarwal. M l agarwal etc sbod be mentioned as a prescribed books so that students wi be well prepared for the hots poblems.

  275. Lol i got 96 in +1 but expecting just 65 in +2 board.
    Calculas was bit easy but 3d and prob. Take away my 20marks.

  276. I still can not understand what cbse is trying to do are they in a urgency to take their level up to the mit from current iits then they should understand that it takes time we wasted 10 years for class ten boards got good marks had the confidence to achieve anything and now came this mathematics ruined so much of our confidence that i dont think i will be able to get a seat in a reputed institution and the parody is that cbse after ruining our percentage will ask 90% above for firms under then re- examination will not solve the problem it will only give burden to our soilders with such a hectic schedules lenient checking and garce marks is the only way…………

  277. my parents are not believing that questions are so tough in fact they blamed on me that you are not studied seriously. my all exams gone very good except MATHS. now i am feeling depressed by thinking that how now i compete with several engineering entrance exams like NIT WB etc.WANTED MY LIFE TO BE QUIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  278. Sir I am venkatesh raja studying 12 class today I wrote maths paper which is very tough and section A is like 4 mark questions .sir the paper was according to CBSE marking scheme and CBSE sample paper! If you are not using the marking scheme of CBSE sample paper why are you providing it? And 6 marks questions are so tough and relations functions question was so tough so please provide marks for all that. Exam is not a game it our life please help us. CBSE thinks that exam is playing game but is our life. There is no doubt that students suite rate Increases. So please give20 marks for all students. If this complaint is not taken into account than suite is only way

  279. Sir I am venkatesh raja studying 12 class today I wrote maths paper which is very tough and section A is like 4 mark questions .sir the paper was according to CBSE marking scheme and CBSE sample paper! If you are not using the marking scheme of CBSE sample paper why are you providing it? And 6 marks questions are so tough and relations functions question was so tough so please provide marks for all that. Exam is not a game it our life please help us. CBSE thinks that exam is playing game but is our life. There is no doubt that students suite rate Increases. So please give20 marks for all students. If this complaint is not taken into account than suite is only way please help us.

  280. Worst paper ever.What are u trying to prove give grace marks or confess that u re incapable of protecting student needs

  281. I have so much confidence before giving the exam. Maths is my strong subject out of PCM. But, surprisingly after giving all 3, the order I am expecting marks are opposite to my wellness in the subject. Really tells something about CBSE.

  282. I was so confident about my exam. even I was averaging 90 in every exam then this happened. everything gone into drains, full lag gaye mere 12th ke
    what to do ? I’am not that silly to quit my life but I won’t be getting a better college.

  283. Was hoping for 100 marks before exam and don’t know whether i would get even 95 or not…

  284. I just want to kill the person who prepared this paper……….

  285. wht typ of paper it was! damn cbse … 3 hrs were nt enough to crack that exam…. it made me cry now m nt able to think abt my dream evn !checkng should be linient or otherwise retest should be conducted… literly dis wa nt expected… i wont be able to get admission in a bettr college 🙁

  286. It was the worst paper i ever had ..
    Even im not able to complete it within the time alloted ..im feeling so depressed i really study a lot including ncert , rd sharma examplar book ..
    I also want 2to quit my life ..i expect 100 marks
    but now just about 75 .this is really a big downfall..

  287. its my request on behalf of all the students of 12th maths group to take retest of maths because most of the questions in paper are of our of course that is from other supplementary material. So most of the students had not able to answer those questions and so their future is stake and destroyed. So its my and all of the students request to take retest of mathematics 12th board examination. I hope something is done to save our future..kripya meri request board valo tak pahuchai jaye taki koi strict
    action liya jaye aur humara retest ho sake….

  288. i cannot understsnd one thing……knowing the fact that the top colleges in india give admission on the basis of merit nd some of the boards offers a lot of marks not only marks but also supplementry help while the exam…..so i just want to ask one question from cbse board ‘WHAT DO THEY WANT???’ IF THEY WANT TO PLAY WITH OUR FUTURE,THEY MUST NOT FORGET THAT THEY R PLAYING WITH THE FUTURE OF THE COUNTRY,IF WE CANNOT GET PROPER OPPORTUNITY THEN HOW CAN WE TAKE OUR COUNTRY THE TOPMOST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD’

  289. there is no point posting such comments anyways cbse wanted to spoil our lives they are pretty much done after the maths paper 🙁 state n icse students are sure going to get good college trsut me dear cbse ppl you wont get anything after spoiling so many lives pls pls pls conduct a re exam 🙁
    #nohopes #spoledlife #the end

    1. I cant expect so lengthy and horrible paper of mathematics CBSE

  290. paper was to horrible we need grace marks….people who have appeared first time the cbse board with state base they are feeling like to quit their life if it is so that u wnt to set tough paper then stop providing ncert text books from next year….

  291. pls can someone share the questions paper of maths exam 12th cbse 2016

  292. When I was giving exam I was thinking if I am giving some competitive exam for some institute as it was really lengthy paper,needed lots of calculations but even I am expecting 90 marks in maths as I got little time for 6 marks question but I don’t demand re-examination or lenient checking.why should I demand for that it was tough for all not just for me.even my friends who are really good in maths are expecting just around 40 and 50.that’s not end of life and no body care about what you score you should have talent.and yes ours jee main ranks of all cbse students will be down.we should not blame us or cbse,we should blame our fate that why we chosen cbse.many of my friends given exam in state board and they are now laughing at us.as our 98 marks is theirs 75(distinction).I want to end my comment from famous quote-मन का हारा हार है और मन का जीता जीत। So be happy and enjoy your every moment as we lear from bad experiences and life is very short.Good luck-your friend.

  293. A kind request to CBSE,please conduct a retest so that we students can at least be confident about our percentages.

  294. guys don’t give up we all will fight against injustice


  296. you call this school maths. it was equivalent to jee maths. hope for getting 75+ best of luck everyone…


  298. Better CBSE has to prescribe some private publications because maximum questions have come from some private publications other than NCERT. Hope CBSE is getting some commission(monetory) from private publications to promote their sales. From NCERT only 10% of the questions have appeared being prescribed by CBSE. What is the hell to prescribe the ncert when the questions are not appearing from NCERT.

  299. In pre-board I has scored 81 marks and expecting that I would get atleast this much marks in board also but this paper has shattered all of my dreams. And now this result would have impact on my whole life.

  300. This is my worst maths paper in last 4 years.
    In pre-board I has scored 81 marks and expecting that I would get atleast this much marks in board also but this paper has shattered all of my dreams. And now this result would have impact on my whole life.

  301. 50% hot are you crazy what is this is this joke or any bad dream i cant sleep last 2 nights i have dream to got percentage in 90s but not no more i want to say plz leave your job and study 12 again and then design paper

  302. The Only Subject i expected to pass, now all the efforts IS IN VAIN.THANK YOU CBSE … I have so many blank spaces that u can recycle the answer booklet.Keep The good Work up.U Guys must be GODS.RuineD MY DAMN DAY.

  303. #Broken Dreams #Shattered Minds #Burned Brains #CBSE MATH #IM DEAD

  304. I will quit my life to day I took lot of antidepressants tablet but no use I will die to day cbse you are playing with our future please pass us provide us grace marks

  305. it was not at all toughy..
    it ws just lengthy and that to very little…!!

  306. We want grace 0f atleast 20 marks ………..otherwise re exam ……choice is yours……

    Is it good playing students future

  307. this is very tough and lenthy paper scetion c is easy but section b is very tough i think that the paper will conduct again

  308. Maths & Chemistry papers so hard please give minimum 15 grace marks for good percentage UP board papers are very easy please take care

  309. It was the worst paper ever….I want re-exam….CBSE please conduct maths exam again…..because our percentage, our future, everything depends on it…grace marks is not enough…re-exam is must….Please do it and save our future….

    1. paper was completely made for iit aspirants..only 1 or 2 questions were from ncert…also time shortage was there to complte the paper

  310. Only Re-exam….re-exam…..re-exam…………re-exam……….re-exam….

    No grace required……….re-exam☻

  311. The paper was not so hard but some of the questions were lengthy that will take me to score only 70-75 marks but was dreaming to get 95+ in maths this yr and could have scored 96 marks in this paper if got 15 minutes more……..

  312. The maths paper was tough….. And those sums of calculus…. Really took most of my time… I really doubt whether i woud secure 75percent or nt……. All my hopes of niit r gone…

  313. very lenthy cbse board says that checking scheme will be very easy but they didnot think if 60-70% students dosent attempt completely so what they do about that? .I think all students may appeal and say that again to arrange that………………………………………. those students who were agree with me please send a letter to cbse board and appeal to them……..[ANKUSH MISHRA, student of class 12th]

  314. also i want reexam to be conducted else give grace marks to every student

  315. Maths paper are very hard before the exam time I expect 95 and now 60 it was disturbed me

  316. The paper was Unfair … it was leaked .. it is cheating with the vast amount of students who gave the exam . And if the re-exam will not held . it will be shamefull for BJP govt . because with the toughness of paper it is An act of cheat with large population … not only student but also to their parents who work hard for their student and such a wrong governance cheat their child….

  317. Best solution – RE-EXAM. Grace marks will make a centum scorer end up in 90s along with the others, but he/she deserves something more.

  318. mixture of tough, time taking paper and tricky paper

  319. I request you all to send CBSE a request letter to re exam .. I have send many mails …. you too send …. if you are not satisfied … such a experiment with the students will not be toleratable . we will oppose .. And want re-exam of maths paper….

  320. Send letter to CBSE board .. for re-exam ….
    if you are not satisfied wit Ur maths exam…

  321. very lengthy and hard to crack paper!! it was tougher than 2015.. only 1 or 2 questions were from ncert!

  322. RE-Exam is the best option…….grace marks would not make a difference if a student has left so many questions due to lack of time and hence would end up getting the same marks with a minor difference of 4-5 marks

  323. Abhinav srivastava

    What about the students who have opted hindi. They even did not even get proper time for proper maths revision

  324. Why CBSE…why are you playing with our life…the paper was damn tough….it was not 3 hours paper….maths is a scoring subject, i had a hope of getting 100…but CBSE you nailed it…!!!!!..2 marks problems took more than 45 min to solve all….so grace marks should be given or we want re-exam….!!!!

  325. cbse ki marking scheme ki galte hai sare marking scheme bhi di or follow bhi nhi kri

  326. i dont know what the hell i did in the maths paper it literally made me cry.
    cbse got damids you should have gave some easier questions so that we could score atleast 75-80 no but you guys sitting on those chairs ruined our future because now we would hardly be getting admissions in some good colleges .
    please cbse please reconduct the paper because you cant play with our futures like this.
    you will have to reconduct the exam because we wont be tolerating this injustice done with us guys.

  327. I am unable to find the key for the Maths 2016 paper…Can someone mail it to me at janbalforchrist@gmail.com? Thanking you in anticipation…God bless!

  328. Yrr this maths paper was so tough and I am in deep depression after this last exam

  329. Maths thn accounts wt u wanna do wid us i wanted to score more thn 95 bt nw i cnt even imagine 90 above. Plz give grace marks plz

  330. Maths and accounts paper is to tricky and very lenghty and it is less time to complete the paper I request to cbse plz take action in the favour of students thanks

  331. In actual both d sides of xam was tough .. I mean to say dat it was complicated as well as lenghthy so it was very diffocult for us even to complete d xam .. So i think dat retest is just a wastage of tym so grace marks should be given … Accountancy xam was also much lenghthy so in dat also grace marks must be given …

  332. Maths paper of 12 really tuff…board should be given pass marks 33 to all

  333. Cn u tell me one thing dat who d bloody hell gave cbse d right to play with a student’s future? Who gave dem d ryt to put a student in a state of deprsn or somthng lyk dat? N how d prsn on the chair can deny the news of paper leak? On what grounds he is denying this i cnt undrstnd. Whn there was lots of news of paper leak den how can he? How can cbse themselves say dat the paper was leak? Is this the bloody reasn? And for all out dere who says paper was easy first of all the cbse isn’t going to applaud you for dis.and the second thng all those parents all dose children who even went to our respectable high court dey are just fooling around? They went to the court just to protect the interests of ALL THE STUDENTS. And abhigolu who so ever u are if it s really so den its okay cbse should consider the best one out of both d exams. Stop being selfish dude at least for god sake.

  334. Really paper was very lengthy pls re conduct the maths exam for all Students of Maths CBSE board because this will be great moment for all Students to score high marks in maths paper

  335. paer is so lenghty and its tough and over all its lenghty so sir/madam i requested to take retest of maths examination paper
    although u know maths is scoring subject if gave this type of paper no one will take maths sybject
    in future. please its humble request to take again maths exam

  336. Really Maths exam was very lengthy and Iittle hard so please re conduct the Maths exam for all Students of CBSE board because if this happens so that will the great opportunity to score high marks in maths exam

  337. Accountancy paper was too much lengthy and tricky and the calculations were very time consuming.and its not possible in 3 hours and their were lot of mistake in the paper.the calculations were also very time consuming.Application based questions were more tricky as compare to the previous year.
    We request for lenient marking.

  338. Maths paper was very lengthy and complicated . I faced a lot of problems in solving it , specially 4 mark questions .
    We want lenient checking….

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