CBSE Class 12 English Answer Key 05-03-2018 –

CBSE class 12th English Subject Answer Key/paper Solutions 5th March 2018 : As we all know that today CBSE as organised class 12th English examination there are total three English Subject Papers 001 ENGLISH Elective, 101 ENGLISH Elective -C, 301 ENGLISH Core, many students had given class 12th examination today and all of them are searching for CBSE class 12th English Answer Sheet for 5th March 2018.  so for every student we are here to provide class 12th Paper Solutions. below we are providing English Elective & Elective English C Questions with Answers. SET A, SET B, SET C, SET D English Paper with Answer Sheet PDFcbse logo new

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Download Question Paper of English 05-3-2018 PDF from Here

CBSE class 12th English Answer Key paper Solutions 2018 | Review of Students –

Name of Exam Body: Central Board of Secondary Examination

Exam Name : CBSE Board Class 12 Intermediate

Exam paper Name : English Elective , English Elective – C ,  English Core

Exam Date : 5th March 2018 (05-03-2018)

Answer Key Released Date : Updated

Official Website :


CBSE class 12th English Paper Solutions 05-3-2018 pdf download

CBSE class 12th English Elective Answer Key 2018 pdf

CBSE class 12th English Elective C Answer Sheet in PDF


CBSE English Question Paper Review 05-March-2018

According to the experts An English teachers, the question papers which was faced by the students today was a bit difficult as compared to the previous years question papers. Thevar passages which were quite lengthy, And as per our experts the grammar section was a bit difficult as compared to the previous year question papers.  welcome all of you to follow the same procedure which is given below step by step.

CBSE Std. 12th English Question paper Answer Book 2018

for downloading that CBSE class 12th English Official Answer Key paper or Paper Solutions 2018 you need to follow the below steps

  1. first of all visit the website
  2. then on the top navigation on the main navigation you can find the button for question paper download.
  3. click on that button.
  4. then you can find the link for CBSE class 12th English question paper 2018
  5. click on that link and then the download will start automatically.
  6. after downloading the Answer Key Visit and calculate your Marks

For more details information about upcoming examinations of CBSE board 2018 just be in touch with our website.  in case of any queries and difficulties you can contact us our support team at any time. they are always willing to help you.  we have a special dedicated team which can help you in any subject at any time.

59 Replies to “CBSE Class 12 English Answer Key 05-03-2018 –”

  1. I didn’t feel paper was lengthy but section-A for set 3 was really confusing and time confusing. We would have been able to check the paper if Section-A wasn’t that confusing and long.
    But over all it was nice and now looking forward for answer key.
    When it will come ? At least by today ?

    1. topics don’t have to be changed..!!
      you shud have written he given topics !
      its wrong if u change the topic ! X(

  2. I don’t know if you’ve studied before this exam or not. Because such an easy paper rarely comes in board. I’m very confident that I’ll achieve 95 above in yesterday’s paper. I’d also got set 3 but it was quite easier than other ones. I can feel your jealousy.

  3. Very good paper 🙂
    Only mistake was I wrote metaphor instead of similey for the question on My mother @ sixty six..
    Everyhting else was spot on but bit worried about the word limit.
    Expectin 85+ and having high hopes.
    Good luck to everyone for Physics and other streams for their respective subjects.

    1. Yogesh even if you write similey its going to be wrong because of spelling mistake
      Ha ha just joking
      Hoping for above 85 marks

  4. My pen stopped working in exam and I wrote with different pen, a slight change in colour. Will this affect my marks?

  5. I attempted 1st stanza of poetry but left it as I wasn’t able to figure out PUN and then went for MY MOTHER AT 66 ….just forgot to cross the previous one….which one will be checked or better marks on account??

  6. the solutions are already available on meritnation and u can see them if u r a paid member !
    i just checked mine and everything is correct expect 2 marks.. 😛
    its fine though XD
    these guys are just fooling us over here..
    go to meritnation and check

    1. Hey Areeb…
      Can u please click screenshots of the answer key…nd if that’s not possible then can u please click answer key pics from some other Mobile or anything… Please
      It will b really helpful… At least sec-A

  7. can someone please tell me the answer of the first objective question of the first passage about mewar kingdom in set A?

  8. @Areeb provide us all with an answer key. you can copy the content and paste it in word and sent to us all ?
    What about that paid member of meritnation.

    1. It was reeaalllyyy very easy paper..
      Much much better than the ones I had attempted during oùr school exams…debate and speech were unexpectedly simple…I was able to complete my paper well in time…
      But physics was sooo lengthy and theoritical…^sigh^ it was sheer lack of time..

  9. paper was easy but as i am a slow writer didn’t find time to complete my paper and left 8 marks that is note making 🙁
    after this can i except above 80 or 85 ??? please answer!!except that almost every thing is good:)

  10. It’s all gud paper was not lengthy as per as set 2
    But 2nr passage was confusing one..thats may take tym nd….writing section was also gud!!!!

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